Software Development

IWT is a offshore software development company working since last 6 years in web application development and software development in India.
Having been in business for more than six years, IWT is the leader in comprehensive web development services. It has taken a lot of patience, hard work, expert knowledge and determination from our team of professionals for us to reach the pinnacle in our line of work in such a short span of time. We take pride in disclosing the fact that our customers have ranked us as one of the best and the most reliable web developers.Our team offers expert and flawless services to various companies there by helping them launch or improve their business.

Industrial Know How

Our team of experts not only provide comprehensive but also customised services to its customers. The services are not limited to code boundaries and extend up to development assistance as well. Few of our services are mentioned here in for your reference:

Mobile recharge software & Mobile recharge API

keeping in mind the ever growing needs of the customers, IWT helps develop mobile recharge software along with mobile recharge API (single SIM recharge API). This software enables one to have a complete control over all the activities related to the mobile and recharge like controlling bulk SMS, mobile recharge API, single SIM recharge etc.

Exam portal:

With the rise in the education level and competition related to the same, IWT has launched its services in the field governing the examinations. This service helps the students locate the best and the most optimum college  ( as per their qualifications) for them and also helps them prepare for competitive examination with the help of mock papers etc. This is a very unique service where in the students can access all the information related to their higher education, colleges etc from one single portal.

E-commerce application:

Sudden boom in the economy has lead to the rapid increase in the spending power of the commoners. Due to the latest work culture people find little or no time at all to spend at the market and hence the birth of electronic commerce or more commonly known as e-commerce. We here at IWT provide various services like electronic fund transfer, internet marketing, inventory management system, data collection, supply chain management etc.

Network marketing software:

For the success of network marketing software, it is very important to have the right kind of traffic that can then be generated to the said website with the help of which a proper network and relationship can be built.  Unlike the older days where in you were supposed to chase your contact for leads, IWT helps develop software where in you can simply send or receive emails regarding the leads and filter them according to your needs and requirements. Thereby making networking easier, reliable and more efficient. We also have specialzation in mobile recharge software with mlm module including binary and matrix compensation plans.

Customised software development:

Keeping in mind the unique requirements of the customers, IWT helps establish customised software there by meeting the needs and requirements of every client. This software is made as per the requirements of the client and hence cannot be copied by any other person. It is designed stage by stage and step by step while running test bed runs/ bug reports/ any other technical snags.

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